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The airbrush is a popular choice for painting craft and hobby projects. This tool is versatile enough to paint plastic models Cheap Anthony Mason Shirt , rc airplanes, t-shirts, nails, and other items.

Equipment and Materials:A single action airbrush is the simplest design. It is easier to learn to handle, and economical as well. So it makes a great beginner's airbrush. However Cheap Tracy McGrady Shirt , the double action airbrush gives you much greater control over the paint process.

Your best air source is a good compressor. Disposable air cans are a good introductory air source, but these will become costly in the long run.

Use the manufacturer聮s recommended thinner, and thin the paint to the recommended ratio.

How to Airbrush:

1) Prepare the work area. Lay down plastic sheets to protect the area from over-spray, if necessary.

2) Prepare the work piece. Use gloves to handle it.

3) Prepare the equipment. Turn on the compressor and set the spray pressure. Assemble the needle and nozzle into the airbrush if necessary. Attach a color cup or bottle as appropriate.

4) Mix the paint, following the maker聮s directions. Use plastic droppers to dispense paint and thinner into a small mixing container. Mix the paint with a toothpick or similar.

5) Test spray! Make this a part of your routine. You never know how the initial spray will come out of the nozzle Cheap John Starks Shirt , it will sometimes make a big mess. If possible, spray on something similar to your actual subject; that way you can test for color and chemical compatibility, as well as spray pattern.

6) Now that you聮ve test sprayed, time for the real thing. Always start and stop the spray off or away from the work piece. This will result in even paint coverage, and alert you to any spray issues.

7) Hold the airbrush at an angle to the work piece (vertical is not practical) Cheap Kristaps Porzingis Shirt , about 6 to 18 inches away. The distance will depend on the size of the part and the volume of the spray.

8) Apply Multiple Coats. Your first coat will be just a light dusting. For this first coat, make several passes but do not attempt to cover completely with color. Follow the manufacturer聮s recommendation on length of time between coats. Expect to take at least 3-4 coats to get good even color coverage.

9) Clean Up. Do not omit this step! Do the recommended cleaning when changing colors, and when you聮re done for the day. Many airbrush problems are caused by improper cleaning methods; dried paint can result in clogs that make it difficult to achieve proper performance.

Visit the RC Airplane Advisor for more information aboutHow to Airbrush.
This article may be reprinted if proper credit is given and all links left intact.

Copyright?005 RC Airplane Advisor

Andre is a regular contributor to the RC Airplane Advisor:

No matter how many square feet we happen to have, the problem of how to store belongings in an aesthetically pleasing way seems to be universal. Perhaps it is because human nature tends toward hording and acquiring, or maybe we just feel more comfortable with Stuff. There are simple solutions to the storage dilemmas in our homes.

Sort Cheap Tim Hardaway Jr. Shirt , Share, & Scrap

This step involves sorting through your belongings, giving those unneeded but still usable items to friends or charity, and throwing away any trash or broken items. If you happen to have read some of my other articles on living in a small space, you may think that this is a familiar piece of advice. I can't reiterate enough how vital it is to go through your belongings and purge. Most likely you will find that you were holding on to items that you no longer need Cheap Enes Kanter Shirt , use or want. It certainly is much easier to organize and store a pared down collection. Sometimes the hardest part of sorting is getting started. It can be overwhelming to look at the whole job at once. Instead start with one room or even one section of one room first. You may find that as you get going it will become much easier. For instance, if you are tackling a kitchen, start with one cabinet at a time. It will give you mini goals that can be quickly accomplished motivating you even more.

Here are a few of my favorite furniture storage solutions:

The Bookcase

The bookcase is one of the most versatile and inexpensive furniture solutions out there. It is relatively shallow and takes up vertical space. I love to use it in a bedroom as extra clothing and linen storage. Clothing and linen can be neatly folded and stacked directly onto shelves, or baskets and bins can be used for a more uniform look. Items such as purses, belts Cheap Patrick Ewing Shirt , scarves, and other accessories usually fit well into those spots.
The bookcase can be equally at home in a kitchen, providing storage for dishes, pots, and appliances. And again Cheap Carmelo Anthony Shirt , with the addition of baskets or bins, unsightly items can be hidden away such as food and utensils. The bookcase may be an obvious choice for living rooms and offices, but consider storing more than just books on them. Boxes with office supplies, CDs, DVDs Cheap Joakim Noah Jersey , or other electronic equipment easily fit on the shelves and keep everything perfectly in order.

The Dresser

Dressers are usually used to store clothing in a bedroom, but they can adapt well to other rooms as well. Bathrooms are a great place to use dressers. Drawers keep toiletries and makeup neatly organized. Dressers are also at home in a living rooms, family rooms, kitchens, dining rooms Cheap Frank Ntilikina Jersey , and entryways. The drawers can store everything from media equipment, shoes and coats, tablecloths, pantry ite. Cheap Jerseys Wholesale   Cheap College Jerseys   Cheap NHL Hockey Jerseys   Replica Soccer Jerseys Free Shipping   Fake Replica NHL Jerseys   Replica College Jerseys   Cheap Replica NBA Jerseys China   Cheap Replica MLB Jerseys China   Cheap Replica Soccer Jerseys Sale   Cheap Replica Nike NFL Jerseys

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