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Nike Air Vapormax Dámské

As I share the office with the Dutch sneaker guru chick , she inspires me to wear sneakers more often again. I opened my eyes to understand the whole sneakers scene ever since. Still much to learn of course, but I had my eye on that one particular model, the Nike Air Max 97!

The red velvet 97’s were the first sneakers I bought in a long time. Nowadays I love styling my 97’s with more dressed up items. The combination of casual chic is the golden mix to my style. 

For this Nike Cortez Damen shoot, I was over the moon to get my hands on these gold 97’s via Sportshowroom. Gosh, I was looking for these for so long. I went to every sneaker store in Hong Kong to ask for them last February. So you can imagine how happy I am to finally be able to style these sneakers from now on.

I mainly wear gold jewelry and accessories, so these sneakers are an easy pair to incorporate into my daily life. I properly will wear these 97’s a lot with my mom jeans and crop tops. However, I wanted to share a sassy look for you this time, one I would wear to events for example.

This oversized blazer as a dress with all the golden details made me feel like a bad ass girl boss!

From the inside of the Shinkansen, the Japanese lightning-fast bullet train, it might not feel like you're traveling at speeds of 200 mph. But from the outside, Nike M2k Tekno Damen some might argue that it looks like you're going even faster. If you blink, you might miss the Shinkansen, but even with eyes wide open, it's just a flash of silver metal zooming past you. That Nike M2k Tekno Damenimage — a futuristic, spaceship-like body shooting through the streets of Tokyo — is what inspired Nike and footwear designer Christian Tresser to create the Air Max 97 Original sneaker over 20 years ago.

The Air Max 97 Original was not a subtle sneaker. It was flashy, chunky, and unorthodox — all elements that reflected the "maximalist" aesthetic that defined the decade. It was meant to stand out — just like the silver bullet train (as well as a silver mountain bike, noted Tresser in a 2017 Instagram post), with its reflective piping that beamed in the light. Instead of straight lines, there were wavy ones, intended to mimic the radiating ripple effect of a drop of water

It was an extremely innovative shoe that some would argue was ahead of its time, because even beyond the colors and the shapes, the sneaker's features also Nike Air Vapormax Dámské seemed like they were from the future. It was the first shoe to use a full-length, dual-pressurized air bag, which meant that it boasted full-length air across the bottom of the shoe, unlike sneakers before that only had "air" in the heel. It also had a "hidden" lacing system where the shoelace loops were concealed. It might not seem impressive now, but in the late '90s, it was a big deal.

While the shoe undoubtedly made a splash when it launched in the United States — in New York, the shoe dominated the hip-hop, dance, and arts scene — the Air Max 97 Original also experienced worldwide fame. Across the pond, the Spice Girls' Melanie Chisholm, more famously known as Sporty Spice, was known to rock the sneaker with her color-coordinated athletic outfits. However, the sneaker received its greatest reception in Italy. To Nike,Adidas Stan Smith Dámské  that kind of made sense — why wouldn't a country whose identity is deeply rooted in art, culture, and innovation appreciate such an imaginative shoe? "After its 1997 introduction, the shoe became an unofficial part of Italy’s wardrobe when a countrywide craze for 'Le Silver' blossomed," Nike described in an article about Italy's obsession with the sneaker.

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