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buying Lamborghini Spyder 12H 12H-8 replica watches

buying Lamborghini Spyder 12H 12H-8 replica watches

In the Lamborghini Spyder 12H 12H-8 replica case of a fully automatic mechanical watch, the spring may become loose. The amount of activity is likely to be low, with less arm swing. As it is an automatic watch, its movement is necessary to generate sufficient power. Turn the needle. Let's see if the automatic watch stops. How to diagnose automatic mechanical watch stop?

In today's society, people sit to work more, drive more, walk less, hand string (fill string) has become necessary automatic watch, otherwise it will lead to the watch length is not enough, often stop the watch and travel accuracy is worse. Know that automatic watches are not as absolute as everyone thinks and understands. As a result, automatic watches are not as good as they claim; Arm pendulous auxiliary spring winding device may be more suitable. Automatic mechanical watch stop fault

The reason for the stop failure of the mbest swiss watches is that after the watch is tightened, it still cannot move in the case of shaking or knocking. Watch stop is a common failure of mechanical watches. Usually, this situation occurs after the watch collision or fall, leading to the deviation of the pointer, the pointer is not in the horizontal position, and in the watch more or less collision friction. There's a lock problem.

Watch stop and failure hands are usually limited by stopwatch and watch glass, second and minute hand collision, and hours and logo on the dial. When the second hand is not horizontal or too high, the surface glass deformation, second hand and second tooth loose, motherboard center pin wear, so that the center pinion and second pinion reduced concentricity, which led to the second hand and watch. The glass crashed. The minute hand of the watch is not on the horizontal surface, the installation is too low, the squat during the assembly process will cause the second hand collision. The clearance between the hour hand and the dial is too small, and the trademark design is too high, which will lead to the collision between the hour hand and the dial trademark. The phenomenon caused by these reasons will cause the watch to stop.

How to diagnose automatic mechanical swiss automatic watches fault

Before refurbishing the automatic mechanical watch, should determine whether the fault is due to the previous mechanism of the automatic mechanical watch or the automatic mechanical watch itself, especially the prime mover structure and automatic structure. In the automatic watch with the hand strap mechanism, it is best to check whether the original movement mechanism works normally through the hand strap. During the upward rotation of the upper handle, if pawls are observed on the large steel gear, when bouncing and feeling the cymbals tightened in a circle, the power mechanism is basically normal. When the spring is fully tightened, it is normal for the spring to slide within the barrel. Because the automatic watch spring and ordinary mechanical watch spring is different, so it in the main spring added a second hair. Some of them have a hook with an outer hook on the inner wall of the wheel.

Experts point out that when the automatic mechanical table of the original mechanism to take these measures, is in the spring after tightening automatic mechanism overload and damage to mechanical parts. The spring is tightened to a certain extent, which ensures the output torque of the spring and does not interfere with the continuous operation of the automatic mechanism. In an automatic watch without a hand-held mechanism, a table driver can be used to drive large screws with large steel wheel screws, lamborghini watch replica and if it is still visible and felt, the rotation will tighten the spring.

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